Chinese cuisine gradually gaining ground in Ghana

In the vibrant streets of Accra, Ghana, the aromatic fusion of Chinese spices mingles with the laughter of locals at a renowned Chinese restaurant. For Chen Guanghong, a Chinese chef who has called Ghana home for over 12 years, the kitchen serves as a powerful communicator, transcending linguistic barriers.

Chen, employed at a popular restaurant affiliated with China’s Gansu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co, Ltd, has witnessed the profound impact of Chinese culinary delights on Ghanaian diners. Beyond the delectable dishes like spicy tofu, fish stew, and hot and sour soup, he shares heartwarming anecdotes of Ghanaians developing an insatiable love for Chinese flavors.

This culinary haven has become a gathering spot for families and friends, with recurring patrons forming traditions around their favorite Chinese dishes. A young Ghanaian couple, captivated by Chinese steamed stuffed buns, has turned Thursdays into a ritual at the restaurant, showcasing the cross-cultural appeal of Chinese cuisine.

Behind the scenes, Chen and his diverse team, comprising both Chinese and Ghanaian chefs, dedicate themselves to perfecting the art of Chinese cooking. Recognizing the limited Chinese culinary skills among local chefs, they embark on a journey of training from scratch, instilling expertise in everything from precise chopping techniques to the intricate use of Chinese seasonings.

Chen’s commitment goes beyond the kitchen; he shares traditional Chinese culinary culture with his Ghanaian apprentices. From carving elaborate decorations for cold dishes to inscribing Chinese characters on plates, the exchange of skills becomes a celebration of cultural harmony.

The restaurant has evolved into a culinary academy for many Ghanaian chefs, providing a platform for them to choose a career path in Chinese cuisine. Wisdom Kwable, a Ghanaian chef with a decade of experience, proudly credits Chen for guiding him in mastering Chinese culinary skills, turning it into a lifelong passion.

As the popularity of Chinese cuisine surges in Ghana, more Chinese restaurants are sprouting across major cities, exemplifying the universal appeal of good food. Chen, drawing on an ancient Chinese proverb, emphasizes the shared human desire for delicious meals, fostering a sense of unity that transcends borders.

In the bustling streets of Accra, the clinking of chopsticks against Chinese plates harmonizes with the laughter of Ghanaians, embodying a culinary journey that brings people closer together—one delicious bite at a time.